SEE VIDEO: Young son begs dad not to call cops on a black man for ‘trespassing’

Cukor calls police on black man
Cukor calls police on black man

What appears to be another case of a white guy calling police on a black man who’s done nothing wrong is just that — but there’s even more sadness behind the persecution of San Francisco software designer Wesly Michel.

On the Fourth of July, Michel posted video of a white man calling police on him while he was entering a building the caller and his son had just exited. Michel said he was there to visit a friend and told the white man, identified by Essence as Christopher Cukor, that he didn’t need to answer to him.

When Cukor asked Michel for his friend’s name and instructed him to phone that person from a ground floor call box to prove his claim, Michel started shooting video.

Cukor proceeded to dial 911 while his young son cried and begged his father not to report Michel for trespassing.


“Daddy, I don’t like this, don’t do this,” the boy cried. “I agree with him. Don’t do this.”

Michel urged Cukor to follow his son’s advice and warned that videos like this one tend to go viral. Cukor dialed anyway and gave a description of Michel to whomever was on the other end.

“He appears to be African-American,” Cukor said into his phone.

“Appears to be African-American,” Michel scoffed, even telling Cukor his age and other information that might be of help should authorities wish to find him.


“I’m here to just rob, whatever, a mailbox,” said Michel, trying to figure out what he’s being accused of doing wrong outside the building lobby.

“Can you hear him?” Cukor said into the phone as Michel calmly protested being reported to police.

Cukor’s young son continued crying and asking his dad to hang up the phone, which Michel encouraged.

“Listen to your son, walk away,” Michel said. “I will stop the recording.”

That’s when the friend Michel had been waiting for appeared to show up. “Hi Cathy,” he said, greeting a woman who can be heard, but not seen on camera. “It took you so long to get here.”

Cukor’s son, who had urged his father to use better judgement from the start, was also a step ahead in realizing the consequences of his dad’s actions.

“Daddy, look what you’ve gotten us into!” the boy said. “Let’s go!”


Michel turns to greet his friend while reminding Cukor he’s still “f---king recording” him while Cuckor still appeared to be on the phone with police.

“Hey, don’t use that language in front of children,” Cukor awkwardly said, asking Michel to stop filming him.

Cukor could not be reached for comment and doesn’t appear to have any active social media accounts.

There’s another sad angle to Cukor’s story, according to the San Francisco Gate. In 2015, his father Peter, 67, was killed in his Berkeley, Calif., driveway by a paranoid shizophrenic man while his wife — Cukor’s mom — begged police officers to respond. According to the report, The Cukor family blamed law enforcement for their slow response.