‘Need kidney’ T-shirt at Walt Disney World goes viral, earns single dad a life-saving organ

Orlando Sentinel

A dying father of five got a life-saving kidney transplant by making himself a walking billboard at Walt Disney World to advertise his need for the organ, according to WPIX in New York.

“In Need Of Kidney O Positive,” Robert Leibowitz’s T-shirt read, along with the New Jersey man’s cellphone number.

He wore the shirt for a week at Disney, prompting countless park-goers to snap photos and videos of the message to share to their social media feeds.

It worked.


A fellow single dad in Indiana, Richie Sully, saw a photo that had gone viral on Facebook, snapped by Rocio and Juan Sandoval, an Orlando couple celebrating a birthday at Magic Kingdom.

“I just wanted to do something nice for somebody,” Sandoval told WTSP-Tampa Bay about posting the photo. “Honestly, I was hoping it would get shared 100 times in one day.” It’s been shared over 90,000 times.

“It’s not a big deal,” Sully said of the procedure, for which he flew to New York City on his own dime, WPIX reported.

“He’s from Indiana so he’s 10 percent nicer than anyone else,” Leibowitz, 60, said of his new friend and life-saver.


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