Seminole County man chases huge bear out of his garage


A man yelled at and chased a large bear out of a garage near Longwood.

Orlando Sentinel

A large bear wandered Monday into an open garage in a Seminole County neighborhood and opened a refrigerator, the startled homeowner said.

While working from home, Brad Tamm spotted the uninvited furry guest through a door and rapped on the glass, shouting, “Get out of here! Get!”

Unfazed at first, the bear then moseyed away.

“Holy [expletive]!” said Tamm, who used his mobile phone to film the bear as it lumbered from the garage.


That is a big bear. Holy cow!

Brad Tamm, Wekiva Hunt Club resident after a bear wandered into his garage.

“That is a big bear! Holy cow.”

Tamm, who lives in the Wekiva Hunt Club neighborhood between Apopka and Longwood, said the bear opened the garage fridge and stood on its hind legs to peek into coolers. It was taller than the appliance.

Monday was garbage-collection day, which may have lured the bear from the woods.


The animal wandered into the yard of a neighbor, who sent the video to the Orlando Sentinel, and Tamm posted it on YouTube.

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October and November are usually the busiest months for conflicts between humans and bears in Central Florida, which has the state’s largest population of black bears.

Bears are most active during those months, rummaging through garbage and scouting for food for winter.


Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission experts remind people living in “bear country” to keep their garbage locked up and their garage doors closed.

The commission’s nuisance bear hot line has fielded a dozen calls in the past eight weeks about bears trespassing in garages in the same ZIP code as Wekiva Hunt Club.

One raided a freezer. Another got into a fridge.

A man on Coble Drive called the commission to report a bear that had dined on a neighbor’s garbage was asleep under a swing set.


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