Letters: The freedom to shoot people

Re "Union urges armed TSA agents," Nov. 5

Rather than confronting the real problem — the easy availability and ubiquitous presence of guns in our society — arming some Transportation Security Administration agents would be yet another step toward a quasi-militarized society.

It was not long ago that the representatives of the arms merchants were calling for armed teachers in our classrooms.

The widespread availability of guns has begun to limit the freedom of law-abiding citizens to go about their daily lives. We have reached the point where a trip to the mall, the airport or a courtroom might become a desperate battle to escape the crossfire.

Ironically, even as the National Rifle Assn. invokes freedom, our freedom to go about our business is being assaulted and curtailed by multiple layers of armed groups. We must intelligently confront the threat to our freedom that firearms represent in our country, as every gun owner is law-abiding until he isn't.

Alfred Sils

Woodland Hills

The answer to reducing the likelihood of another airport shooting is — there is no answer.

When there is a situation that involves large numbers of people moving swiftly through a confined space — airports — and that same population happens to come from a nation armed to the teeth, the statistical probability that one might be a nut is significant.

The probability of deterring each and every possible shooter is very low. Like it or not, tragic events like the LAX shooting are the price we pay for the freedom to bear arms.

David Strauss



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