Letters: Put country before politics

Re "A crisis of competence," Editorial, Nov. 7

Listening to the discourse in Washington, many Americans feel that compromise is not feasible in the near future.

I cannot help but think of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, when representatives from the 13 states came together and compromised on principle, for the survival of the nation, to create the government that currently exists.

For the sake of our nation, can we now compromise on principle again and focus on other matters such as the national debt and avoid another government shutdown?

Felipe Cataquiz

San Diego

The far right, measured solely by its ability to limit the president's ability to govern, has demonstrated great competence. As much as I am a supporter of President Obama, I cannot deny that the actions of the president and Democrats in Washington too often leave me hoping for wiser and more competent decisions.

We are in a sad situation, a classic Sophie's choice: Do we support a destructive ideology, or do we blindly support those who act in good faith but often not wisely? If those are my only choices, I take good faith.

Robert Gotham

Los Angeles


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