Letters: Why Dodger fans are blue

Re "Cable spat could end as a home run," Column, April 11

The new Dodgers owners paid Frank McCourt way too much for the team. Time Warner Cable subsequently signed an obscenely rich contract with the Dodgers, figuring it could make a bundle by gouging pay-TV subscribers for the next 25 years.

We love our Dodgers. The owners of the Dodgers and Time Warner love our money. I refuse to ask my pay-TV provider to make a deal with Time Warner.

Between the Dodgers raising ticket prices and cable providers continuously raising their rates, fans are tapped out. Watching many games on free TV, supported by the string of advertisements they made us watch, inspired Dodger fans to buy tickets to see the team live and stuff ourselves with incredibly expensive, low-quality food.

No free TV and no Dodgers, so no overpriced food. Maybe we'll finally lose some weight.

An uncaring cable monopoly potentially going out of business? Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people.

Enrique Otero


I find it strange that David Lazarus believes changing the cable pricing system to an a la carte method would result in lower prices.

We all know that if we switched over to this a la carte form of cable pricing, companies like Time Warner would likely charge more per channel than they do now in their bundles to make up for the shortfall.

In addition, channels that don't produce enough revenue would be eliminated, so even those who did want to pay for them would not have access to them.

Does anyone really believe that the TV companies would be willing to reduce their margins significantly?

James S. Bishoff


Lazarus' closing comment, in regard to a similar drama that played out in another part of the country, is this: "Comcast SportsNet Houston is now in bankruptcy."

To which I would add: good riddance to bad rubbish.

Hopefully, Time Warner's SportsNet LA will face the same ending. It's time that these monopolists experience the wrath of the consumer.

Martin Parker

Thousand Oaks


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