Memo to LAUSD: A 14-year-old can't consent to sex

To the editor: Shame on the Los Angeles Unified School District for arguing that a 14-year-old student was mature enough to consent to sex with her teacher. As argued by an attorney quoted in the article, this is what one would expect from pedophile advocates, not the nation's second- largest school district. ("L.A. Unified says girl, 14, could consent to sex with teacher," Nov. 13)

To present the sexual history of a minor is not only uncommon, it's "despicable," as noted by sexual abuse case specialist David Ring. Furthermore, LAUSD attorney W. Keith Wyatt's statement that it's a more dangerous decision to cross a street with ongoing traffic than to have sex with a teacher is reprehensible.


Does the LAUSD really want to join the ranks of the Roman Catholic archbishop emeritus of Los Angeles and his leadership regarding child sexual abuse? Because that's who they sound exactly like.

Linda Waade, Santa Monica


To the editor: I have to say I am really displeased with the LAUSD. Its attorney said, "While we are sympathetic of the pain that this type of inappropriate relationship could cause this young woman and her family, the case focused on whether the school district could have done anything to prevent it."

Oh, really? She was sexually abused by one of the district's math teachers. Has the district no control over employee behavior? Or is it just easier to blame a 14-year-old girl?

Barbara Graham, San Diego

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