Readers React: It’s bad drivers that have ruined the DMV, not bureaucracy or bad technology

To the editor: Has anyone ever looked honestly at possible reasons why the Department of Motor Vehicles is so “dysfunctional”? Are people so used to making excuses that it has become so simple to blame the DMV for what the people are doing wrong?

Has it occurred to those who complain that maybe the sheer weight of the population may have a profound effect on the department’s efficiency? California has more than 10% of the nation’s people and vehicles, and I have seen a striking change for the worse in driving habits.

I have held a commercial driver’s license since 1972, and I loathe what has become of our system of transportation, not because of degradation of the infrastructure, but because of the degradation of ethical behavior and flippant disregard for the law.

Fortunately, the DMV still recognizes good behavior and a clean record. My reward for being a good driver and responsible citizen is fast, efficient service. The only thing I need to do is have all my ducks in a row before I visit the DMV.

Lincoln Gable Riley, Los Angeles



To the editor: Common sense does not prevail at the DMV.

I recently went in for a renewal and decided to get a Real ID license at the same time. I had with me a valid passport and my Global Entry card. No go, I was told — one needs a Social Security card. Never mind the fact that one needs Social Security card to obtain a passport and an interview with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agent to obtain a Global Entry card.

I would suggest that the DMV set up separate offices to deal with Real ID licenses if everyone is required to obtain one by 2020. Six hours in line to get a Real ID is just inefficient.

Virginia Metz, Irvine

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