Readers React: The Gaza protesters should try emulating Israel instead of pestering it

A Palestinian prepares to fly a kite loaded with incendiaries over the Gaza Strip-Israel border fence on May 4.
(Said Khatib / AFP/Getty Images)

To the editor: Right of return? What is the letter writer who supports the Gaza Strip protesters talking about?

Those young Palestinian men who burn tires, break border fences and fly off kites dangling fire bombs have likely never been in Israel. They were born in Gaza, Egypt or the West Bank. What nerve do they have to claim a right to return to a place they have never even been to in the first place?

Those young Palestinian men need to stop pestering the Israelis and instead learn from their neighbors’ success in building the prosperous country that is Israel. I hope they will try to emulate the Israelis in their land of Gaza and the West Bank. Hate achieves nothing and brings no prosperity to those who thrive on it.

Finally, Israel, like any other country, has all the right to defend itself. No doubt the United States would do the same if thousands of foreign nationals tried to cross its border, engage in provocations and claim U.S. soil as their own.


Arnie Keren, Los Angeles

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