Do something, Republicans — or do you believe Trump really is a 'stable genius'?

To the editor: A portion of a famous Abraham Lincoln quote goes “you can fool ... some of the people all of the time,” and it seems President Trump has found this subgroup in its entirety and has succeeded in fooling them for better than a year now. (“Why believe Michael Wolff? Because, for now, this stuff is too good not to,” Opinion, Jan. 4)

But journalist Michael Wolff’s new book, “Fire and Fury,” makes clear what we have all known for a while: that Donald Trump is totally unfit for the presidency.

It hasn’t even been a year, and the deterioration of our democratic norms and institutions could not be more apparent. Unfortunately, our Republican-controlled Congress, all of whose members can certainly see this nightmare unfolding, seems more interested in pleasing donors than in saving the nation and entire world from both further environmental degradation and possibly even nuclear annihilation because of Trump and his big “nuclear button.”

Robert Archerd, Rancho Palos Verdes


To the editor: I think even Trump’s supporters would admit that he’s unpredictable. The question is, what is the outcome likely to be on domestic and foreign affairs?

Well, my mother was unpredictable — talented, but unpredictable — and I can say from personal experience that, ultimately, you don’t want anything to do with this person. Promises mean nothing; expectations mean nothing; unpleasantness means nothing. You can be hurt at any time and for no apparent reason. All you want to do is escape.

I feel sorry for the “Dreamers,” whose fates are now being held hostage to funding for Trump’s border wall.

Human misery means nothing to Trump. All he wants is his way.

Marian Bailey, Riverside


To the editor: It has been said that Trump is crazy, grossly inept, childish, unfit and so forth.

I wish that I were that crazy, grossly inept, childish and unfit too, if it meant I could be a multi-billionaire with a beautiful family who owned countless successful businesses and his own luxurious private jetliner, just to name a few benefits.

And let’s not forget about being the world’s most powerful person. Then, I wouldn’t give a hoot what some very jealous, petty and truly inept people said about me.

Just call me crazy, please.

Bill Tennant, Sun City West, Ariz.


To the editor: Trump says he is a “stable genius.”

This is prima facie evidence that the president is mentally unstable. No sane person goes around emphatically stating that he is a genius; not even Albert Einstein would have done so.

Trump continues to display multiple pathologies, including insecurity, narcissism, overconfidence and detachment from reality. How can any intelligent person think that Trump isn’t a danger to us all?

Roberta Helms, Santa Barbara

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