The RNC and DNC: Full convention coverage and highlights

What you missed on the closing day of the Democratic National Convention. More coverage at See other Democratic roundups here and catch up on the Republian convention here.

The Times provided in depth coverage of the 2016 Republican and Democratic national conventions inside (and outside) the arenas.

From detailed analysis to colorful observations from delegates and wrap-up videos, we were there for every moment.

Even after a convention that critics panned, Trump got a big bounce. Will Clinton gain now too?

Trump got a significant lift from his convention, according to the USC/LA Times tracking poll. The bounce has now leveled off. Clinton will soon know if she'll get a similar boost.

Donald Trump's complete convention speech, annotated

The staff of the L.A. Times annotates Donald Trump's RNC acceptance speech.

Transcript: Hillary Clinton's DNC speech, annotated

The staff of the L.A. Times annotates Hillary Clinton's DNC acceptance speech.

Trump paints a grim portrait of the U.S. and casts himself as its only savior in GOP acceptance speech

Donald Trump accepts the Republican nomination for president Thursday night in his final chance to deliver the glittering and successful convention he promised.

Hillary Clinton, accepting historic nomination, outlines a hopeful vision and a 'stark' choice

Hillary Clinton will accept her party's nomination in a historic first for women after a week of being feted by party leaders who have painted a portrait of her as the anti-Donald Trump.

Anti-corporate sentiment doesn't slow down the party scene for lobbyists and lawmakers in Philadelphia

Inside the convention hall  and on the steamy streets of Philadelphia, an incensed progressive insurgency is protesting the political power of corporations and

An asset or a disruption? What the White House might look like with Bill Clinton in the East Wing

If Clinton wins, one major question about the day-to-day workings inside the White House will be how her husband fits in.

The hug that will go down in history

President Barack Obama humanized Hillary Clinton with a hug that will go down in history

Hillary Clinton might have more all-star wattage behind her than any presidential nominee ever has

Hillary Clinton’s surrogate lineup, starting with President Obama, gives her a backup squad that no other presidential candidate has ever had. I also creates some problems -- ho

Donald Trump brags about bringing in voters. He doesn't mention the ones he might be chasing away

Among Donald Trump’s proudest boasts is his claim to have brought millions of new voters into the Republican Party.

Where California's GOP delegation ranks: a hotel at a water park 60 miles from the convention

California, the red-headed stepchild of the RNC

I had lunch with a right-wing white nationalist group. Here’s what I learned

I had lunch with a right-wing white nationalist group. Here’s what I learned.

For Donald Trump to become president, the difficult road begins at the Republican convention

A daunting map and demographic changes present steep challenges to Donald Trump. If he's going to win the White House in November, his path has to start with a successful convention in Cleveland.

Trump aims at voters he already has, betting they will give him a November win

Donald Trump aimed his convention words at voters he already has, betting they will be enough in November

Trump won the nomination by harnessing anger. Can he now turn to a message of optimism?

Donald Trump claimed the nomination Tuesday with a bleak and apocalyptic vision of America. But other Republicans see optimism as the road to success for the party.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is everywhere (except the convention), condemning Donald Trump (without naming him)

You see him here. You see him there. You just don't see Ohio Gov. John Kasich inside the GOP convention hall.