1. Darrell Issa

$283.3 million minimum net worth

Issa (R-Vista) remained the wealthiest man in the California delegation. He earned his fortune through a car alarm business and was known as the voice of the Viper.

His wealth decreased by nearly $40 million, mostly due to a $25 million increase in liability from a new UBS credit line and a $13.7 million decrease in his assets. His total liabilities were more than $100 million, and the bulk of his money was in investments.

While Issa's investment funds worth $50 million and $25 million remained the same, he no longer listed three $5 million investment funds that were part of his 2016 assets. Issa also reported owning 11 properties worth $22 million in total. Several of those were rental properties.

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$383.3 million minimum assets
$100.0 million minimum liabilities

Asset list

Rank Asset Type Owner Minimum value
1 AllianceBernstein High Inc Class Adv, Agdyx Investments Joint $50,000,000
2 BlackRock High Yield Class I, Bhyix Investments Joint $50,000,000
3 AllianzGI Short Duration High Inc Class P, Ashpx Investments Joint $50,000,000
4 AllianzGI Short Duration High Inc Class P, Ashpx Investments Joint $50,000,000
5 Undiscovered Mg Bh Vl SL, Ubvsx Investments Joint $50,000,000
6 Principal MidCap Class P, Pmcpx Investments Joint $25,000,001
7 First Eagle US Value Fd Class I, Fevix Investments Joint $25,000,001
8 Lord Abbett High Yield Class F, Lhyfx Investments Joint $25,000,001
9 Principal Funds Inc HI Yield Class P, Pyhpx Investments Joint $25,000,001
10 Ocean Collection LP Real Estate Member $5,000,001
11 Cash/Money Accounts Bank Account Joint $5,000,001
12 5931 Priestly Dr LP Real Estate Member $5,000,001
13 12400 Stowe Dr LP Real Estate Member $5,000,001
14 Putnam Multi-Cap Core Class Y, Pmyyx Investments Joint $5,000,001
15 Tahoe Beach LP Real Estate Member $1,000,001
16 1800 Carillon LP Real Estate Member $1,000,001
17 212 Main St LP Real Estate Member $1,000,001
18 3186 Vista Way LP Real Estate Member $1,000,001
19 First Eagle Global Funds Class I, Sgiix Investments Joint $1,000,001
20 2585 Business Park LP Real Estate Member $1,000,001
21 1237 Calle Prospero LP Real Estate Member $500,001
22 1200 Harbor Dr LP Real Estate Member $500,001
23 25 D St LP Real Estate Member $500,001
24 Greene Insurance Company Investments Member $500,001
25 Greene Properties Investments Member $100,001
26 DEI LLC Investments Member $100,001
27 Congressional Federal Credit Union Accounts Bank Account Member $50,001

Liability list

Rank Creditor Type Owner Minimum value
1 UBS Margin Account Joint $50,000,000
2 UBS Premier Credit Line Joint $25,000,001
3 Union Bank Personal Loan Joint $25,000,001

Credits: Christina Bellantoni, Christine Mai-Duc, Javier Panzar, Julie Westfall and Sarah Wire.

About this data: These are the assets disclosed for calendar years 2014-2016 compiled by Roll Call. They are ranked from largest to smallest. Financial disclosure rules allow lawmakers to report broad ranges of minimums for both assets and liabilities, starting at $1 to $1,000 and topping out at $50 million or higher, so it is impossible to offer precise figures. The minimum values shown are how Roll Call calculated the net worth for each member.

Roll Call assigns assets and liabilities into several categories. The disclosure forms indicate if the asset or liability is owned solely by the member, by the member’s spouse, by the member’s dependent(s) or jointly owned by the member and spouse. The names of the assets and liabilities appear as they were entered on the forms filed with the clerk of the House and the Senate Select Committee on Ethics.