Where are California’s pot shops?

And what were some of them before?

California has licensed more than 400 retail locations for cannabis, including about 300 licenses for recreational storefronts. Some shops have both medical and recreational licenses and often share an address.

The state also licenses distributors, labs and non-storefront retailers, creating a final count of 1,733 active licenses as of April 18. Here’s a look at retail store licenses.

Medicinal Recreational Both

With the legalization of cannabis, changes in retail are taking shape around the state. New shops are taking over old commercial spaces and in some case, replacing medical dispensaries with upscale experiences for customers.

For example, the MedMen location in West Hollywood used to house a different medical marijuana dispensary.

The Culver City-based start-up is a rising star in the marijuana market nationally. It has 18 facilities in three states and claims to employ 700 people. MedMen is opening five stores in Los Angeles County.

A MedMen in Orange County turned a white-and-gray workshop into a branded, eye-catching red building that’s hard to miss.

In North Hollywood, a scooter shop once deemed “Best Scooter Shop” by Los Angeles Magazine was replaced with a marijuana “wellness center.”

Homes like this one in Vallejo, Calif., have been converted to commercial space following the example of dentists, optometrists and other small businesses.

Schools have even been replaced. The Aloha School, which spent 20 years in Mid City, was replaced by a modern-style marijuana store called The Pottery.

A 2012 Yelp review reads: “I enrolled my Daughter Basia in the Aloha School when she was 2 years old. She is now 4 and reading books,”

A newer review states: “Amazing shop! Excellent selection definitely coming back!!! Thanks for the flower.”