We asked March for Our Lives attendees why they're demonstrating. Here are their stories

Updated March 24, 2018

Demonstrators hold signs in support of gun control reform in Washington, D.C., last month. (Zach Gibson/Getty Images)

Demonstrators took to the streets across the country to protest government inaction on gun violence and mass shootings and to honor the 17 lives lost in the Parkland, Fla., high school shooting last month.

We asked readers why they're marching. Here are some of their stories.

Alexa Roman
Amanda Castillo
Angela Jensvold
Anne Proffit
Arbor Pereida
Barbara Barrett
Beatriz Valencia

“I hope that big business sees how many people are fighting for this. ”

“I want the freedom to enjoy the public realm without the constant underlying fear of a mass shooting.”

“My cousin's daughter was killed in Aurora, and my niece ran for her life in Las Vegas and survived.”

“My cousin's daughter was killed in Aurora and my niece ran for her life in Las Vegas and survived. My high school daughter has been fearful about going to high school here in LA. ”

“Our forefathers would be appalled at how the NRA has twisted the 2nd amendment to achieve the insanity of one person being able to kill and maim so many.”

Eleanor Kas

“When I chose teaching as a career, working in a potential combat zone never entered my mind. Now it's part of the training and everyday preparedness.”

“The time is now.”

Frances Culp
Francie Kelley
Gabriela Martinez

“I want to support the amazing young people.”

“We do not need automatic assault weapons in our society. ”

“The NRA has held us all hostage my whole life, this has to stop.”

Jim Hazlett

“I am a retired teacher with more than fifty years in the classroom. I have no choice but to join the march.”

Jonas Poggi

“I almost lost hope for change, until the Parkland kids gave me the courage to stand with them.”

“I am marching because my children are in danger — emotionally and physically.”

Karen Knapik
Katie Vita
Kira DeMello
Logan Leiner

“My daughter, Jenna, is a Sophomore at Douglas and was cowering in a closet during the murders at her school.”

Marissa Minnick

“The kid in me stands with all the kids standing up.”

MaryJane Hunter

“It's not the guns, it's the NRA and their right wing, extreme tribal mentality.”

Millie M. Schafer
Nancy Mills

“I am not marching. Gun control laws are too strict already here in California.”

Rev. J. Patrick Kelly

“I'm marching over to the [right] to exercise my Second Amendment rights that you folks are intent on trampling.”

Ruth Nolan

“I'm sick of innocents being slaughtered. ”

“I'm tired of going to school afraid that I may not make it to the final bell.”

“We are older people and want the young students to know we care and are with them, so at our living facility we are having a "sitting march."”

“At our living facility, we are having a "sitting march" on March 24.”

“I am a 2000 alum from Marjory Stoneman Douglas.”

“The grandson of a dear friend was killed trying to save his peers in a school shooting. Now, after the death of the heroic young Sam Strahan in Washington, marching will be very personal for me. ”

“ I am ashamed and disgusted and fearful to live in a country that prioritizes an outdated 2nd amendment over the safety of its residents.”

Sneha Kohli Mathur
Sonia Maturano
Thana H Dickens
Tom Williams

“I want politicians to strive to earn OUR A+ instead of the NRA's.”

“I have a daughter in kindergarten. I don't want her growing up thinking she might be killed — at school.”

Originally published March 22, 2018

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