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Test your knowledge of the president’s first 100 days

How closely have you been paying attention to President Trump’s first weeks in office? As he nears the 100-day milestone, see how his time in office stacks up to his predecessors.

Which one of these images is from President Trump's inauguration?

President Trump’s swearing-in ceremony on Jan. 20th drew visibly smaller crowds than that of Barack Obama. His administration went on the defensive, accusing the media of reporting incorrect information about the size of the crowds. While the National Park service, which took the images, does not report official crowd estimates, here’s a look into how crowd sizes are counted.

Source: National Park Service

Which chart shows Trump's approval ratings?

52% 43% disapprove approve 0 25 50 75 100 APRIL MARCH FEB.
0 25 50 75 100% APRIL MARCH FEB. 62% 29% approve disapprove
0 25 50 75 100% APRIL MARCH FEB. 65% 29% approve disapprove

Unlike most presidents, who enjoy a brief “honeymoon” period after their inauguration, Trump’s approval ratings are the lowest recorded for a modern president. While Gallup has him at a 41% approval rating, our USC Dornsife/L.A. Times Daybreak Poll shows an even lower rating of 39%.

Source: Gallup

How many times has Trump visited a golf course during his first three months in office?



Trump famously said that if he was elected president, he “wouldn’t have time to play golf.” Despite frequently attacking Obama for hitting the links, Trump has visited golf courses far more often than either Obama or Bush, who both waited past the 100-day mark before their first trip to the golf course.

White House pool reports, Mark Knoller, CBS news.

Which map shows the states Trump has visited since his inauguration?

During their first 100 days in office, many newly elected presidents travel the country to soak in their victory or shore up support for policy proposals. Trump has limited his travel radius, mainly visiting states that he won in the election. In contrast, Bush traveled to 25 states during his first 100 days in office. President Obama traveled to 10, stopping in Missouri on his 100th day in office to hold a town hall.

Sources: Times reporting, WhiteHouse.gov, the American Presidency Project

Where has Trump traveled internationally during his time in office?

  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Czech Republic
  • Turkey
  • Iraq
  • Mexico
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • No international trips.

Trump also has shied away from international travel. He’s made no trips abroad, a sharp difference from Obama, who had traveled to nine countries by this point in his presidency.

Sources: WhiteHouse.gov

How many executive orders has Trump signed?




While Trump signed more executive orders during his first 100 days than either Obama or Bush, a Times review found that of the orders and memoranda he has signed, fewer than half actually made a substantive change in federal policy. Some of those have been overturned or rolled back — both versions of Trump’s ban on travel to the U.S. by residents of several majority-Muslim countries were blocked by the courts. A freeze on hiring by federal departments was rescinded after it was blamed for worsening backlogs at veterans hospitals and Social Security offices. The Times found that of the orders that did change policy, most involved rolling back Obama administration environmental policies or toughening immigration enforcement.

President Trump's executive orders

Sources: WhiteHouse.gov, Archives.gov

How many White House positions has President Trump had confirmed by the Senate?

Nominations sent to Senate by 100th day in office

Confirmed by Senate
Sent to Senate, awaiting confirmation
Nomination failed

69 confirmed • 190 sent • 3 failed

85 confirmed • 35 sent • 0 failed

25 confirmed • 40 sent • 1 failed

While Trump has pointed to Democratic obstructionism for the delays in confirming some of his staff, he has nominated only a fraction of over 550 people who require Senate confirmation — especially compared with his predecessors, who were much further along in the process of staffing their White House by the 100-day mark.

Source: The Partnership for Public Service

What does the stock market look like under Trump?

Dow Jones industrial average (daily close price)

Markets experienced a “Trump bump” after the election, and the Dow rose to over 21,000 for the first time in March. The upward trend in the market was helped in part by the president’s economic message. According to the Associated Press, “optimism over corporate tax cuts, deregulation and other business-friendly policy proposals reiterated by President Trump during a speech before Congress helped fuel the rally.”

Source: FactSet.

How many Republicans are in Trump's Congress?

Senate 50 Republicans House 220 Republicans
41 Republicans 178 Republicans
52 Republicans 241 Republicans

Like Obama, Trump entered the White House with a party majority in both the House and Senate. Under President Bush, the Republican Party held a majority in the House, while the Senate was split evenly; however, Bush’s vice president, Dick Cheney, could cast any deciding votes, essentially giving Republicans controlling power over the Senate. Trump’s party majority is larger than Bush’s was but smaller than Obama’s. The congressional majorities allowed the former presidents to push through key pieces of legislation during their first terms.

Sources: Senate.gov, History.house.gov

How many bills were signed into law during Trump’s first 100 days?




Congress has passed more bills into law under President Trump than under either President Obama or President Bush, but — like his executive orders — few have created substantive legislative change. By this point in their presidencies, Obama had signed the $787-billion American Recovery and Investment Act and a $410-billion spending bill, while Bush had passed his tax cuts bill and No Child Left Behind educational regulations. Trump’s signature piece of legislation, the American Healthcare Act, did not make it to a House vote, though the administration may try to hold one before the end of his first 100 days.

Bills signed into law by President Trump

Sources: WhiteHouse.gov, GovTrack

You made it! Here's a quick recap of Trump's first 100 days:

A historically low approval rating of 41%.

Nineteen visits to a golf course.

Visits to 8 states: Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina and Florida.

Zero visits abroad.

Twenty-five executive orders signed.

Twenty-three White House positions confirmed by the Senate.

A strong stock market with a Dow close of 20,996 on his 96th day in office.

A Congressional majority of 52 in the Senate and 241 in the house.

28 bills signed into law.

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