A powerful person has been accused of misconduct at a rate of nearly once every 20 hours since Weinstein

Since Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual harassment and assault on Oct. 5, nearly 100 powerful people have been accused of sexual harassment.
Here’s where these accusations stood at the time of publication.

By Swetha Kannan and Priya Krishnakumar

The industries

Fifty-one people accused of sexual harassment, assault or misconduct work in arts and entertainment.

Eighteen work in politics.

Twenty-one work in media.

Four work from the hospitality industry, including the restaurant and hotel business.

Four work in technology, sports, venture capitalism or other industries.

Dec. 29, 2017: This page has been updated to clarify the accusations made against Dustin Hoffman.

Sources: Images from Associated Press, Getty Images, Los Angeles Times, Shutterstock, Sipa USA, TNS, AbacaPress, KRT and EPA

Credits: Additional reporting by Kyle Kim