Michal "Rosey" Rozsival

What's your hockey nickname and how'd you get it?

"People just call me 'Rosey.' It just comes from my last name, obviously. It's probably the only nickname that I've had in my career. I guess it's the easiest thing to call me. I've always been 'Rosey,' even in [the Czech Republic]. When I first got to Pittsburgh [in the NHL] I'd say, 'My name is Michal Rozsival,' but my nickname is 'Rosey,' so if you feel like calling me 'Rosey,' that's fine too."

Does it take you awhile to learn everybody's "hockey name" when you get to a new team?

"Yeah, it takes a couple of weeks, but it's not too hard."

What's your favorite hockey nickname on the Blackhawks?

"I think 'Seabsie' [Brent Seabrook] has a good name. They call him 'Biscuit.' To tell you the truth, I don't know why. I've just heard them call him 'Biscuit,' but I haven't heard the story yet. I've got to find that out. That's one of the better ones here."

Scott Strazzante/Tribune
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