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City of Napa

Greg Cole, owner of Celedon, left, pours wine for patrons Adrienne Graves, center, and Rosemarie Vertullo in his restaurant in Napa, Calif. (Bryan Chan / LAT)
Sweetie Pies
Fresh fruit tart at Sweetie Pies in Napa, Calif. (Bryan Chan / LAT)
Main Street
Main Street in Napa, Calif. At right is the Winship building that was built in 1888. (Bryan Chan / LAT)
Carneros Inn
Guests Nelva Samiee, left, Char Scott, Dave Bradley and Tony Hussein lounge by the hilltop pool at the Carneros Inn that opened in Nov., in Napa, Calif. Vineyards are in the background. (Bryan Chan / LAT)
Diners eat diner along the Napa River at Angele in Napa, Calif. (Bryan Chan / LAT)