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A new Netflix documentary on Aaron Hernandez makes CTE a topic of conversation yet again. The former NFL star was diagnosed with the disease after his death.
A new study suggests that a ‘blob’ of warm ocean water in 2015 disrupted the food web of the Pacific, triggering the starvation and deaths of thousands and thousands of sea birds, including the common murre.
2019 was the second-warmest year since scientists began taking temperatures in 1880, government scientists from NASA and NOAA announced Wednesday.
Stellar Solutions Inc. has mothballed a costly project aimed at improving detection of electromagnetic pulses - ‘luminosities’ - thought to precede earthquakes.
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Firefighters have saved the world’s last remaining wild stand of a prehistoric tree from Australia’s wildfires
The Hermes copper butterfly lives almost exclusively in San Diego County, where much of its habitat has been burned or built over.
Longline fishing won’t be allowed off the California coast, after a federal district court suspended permits for the fishing method, which can entangle and drown leatherback sea turtles
Women who used baby powder in the genital area were no more likely to develop ovarian cancer than women who didn’t, according to a study of 250,000 women.