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Trump’s authority to revoke California’s waiver from federal clean air rules rests on a very shaky legal foundation.
A study suggests a potentially effective way to improve the cardiovascular health of poor and minority Americans: Give them a daily pill with low doses of several heart medicines.
Scientists have developed a robot that can collect ocean samples, analyze microbes and then send data back to shore - bringing the lab to the ocean.
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Greta Thunberg and other young activists visit the United Nations to urge Secretary-General Antonio Guterres into action against climate change.
Amazon workers have spent this year urging CEO Jeff Bezos take more urgent steps on climate change. They’re a key reason Amazon’s environmental footprint is under scrutiny.
Corporate sustainability efforts are sometimes framed as acts of altruism — but for big businesses, protecting the environment is often good for the bottom line.
After decades of tax breaks, wind and solar have been deployed widely enough for manufacturers and developers to become efficient and drive down costs.
Rising temperatures have caused some of America’s 9 million dairy cows to produce less milk.
On Friday, 5,000 youth-led demonstrations in 156 countries — 100-plus in California — will demand government action to end reliance on fossil fuels.
The U.S. abortion rate hit a 46-year low in 2017, a drop experienced in states that have restricted the procedure and in states that have expanded access.
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