Chargers draftee Joey Bosa, pros & cons

Chargers draftee Joey Bosa, pros & cons
Ohio State defensive lineman Joey Bosa runs a drill at the NFL football scouting combine in Indianapolis, Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy) (The Associated Press)

Everything a person could want to know about Joey Bosa

High school connection: He and a young Chargers coach, Chris Shula, went to the same high school in Florida. Shula's grandfather is Pro Football Hall of Fame coach Don Shula.


Family connection: Bosa's father, John, went in the first round of the 1987 draft. And busted.

Scheme fit: He played mostly at left end in Ohio State's "4-3" front. Tom Telesco, echoing the Blog's recent comments on Bosa, said he's not concerned that Bosa is light for end in San Diego's "3-4" front because Bosa is stout against the run.


Scheme fit II: The Chargers use 4-3 fronts as well. New Bolts aide Bob Babich coordinated a 4-3 scheme with two other teams. New nose tackle Brandon Mebane worked in 4-3 lines with the Seahawks.

Champion: Bosa won state championships with his high school team, St. Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale. Ohio State, in his sophomore season, won its first national title in 12 years.

His first goal with the Chargers "is to win a lot of games."

Younger brother: The Chargers rookie told reporters they'll be chatting with his younger brother, Nick, after the 2019 draft. Also a defensive lineman, Nick Bosa is expected to play for Ohio State as a true freshman this year.


Chargers lineup: Pencil Bosa at left end, Kendall Reyes' old spot. Corey Liuget, who's coming off knee surgery, and Mebane are the line's other starters. Also on the roster are end/nickel tackle Darius Philon, NT-DE Sean Lissemore and DE Tenny Palepoi.

Bosa could be a big upgrade, even as a rookie.

Who he isn't: J.J. Watt. It's unfair to compare a prospect to Watt, the Houston Texans' All-Pro. It happens with Bosa because he and Watt are 6-foot-5 ends from Big Ten schools.

In comparison, Watt outweighed him by 21 pounds, jumped five inches higher, had 10 more reps on the 225-pound bench-press and matched Bosa's excellent 4.21 in the 20-yard shuttle. Watt has thrived in Houston's 3-4 defense.

Chargers comparison: Leslie O'Neal, an end-OLB for the franchise's lone Super Bowl team, was masterful with his hands and weighed about 270 pounds.

Glitch in his game: Bosa is energetic, sometimes to his regret. In the upset loss to Michigan State last season, he jumped offside three times.

Spartans center Jack Allen baited and hooked him each time.

"He would point the ball up," Bosa said, "and then put it down right before he snaps. I'm trained every single day of my life to move when the ball moves. I see the tiniest little bit of movement and I'm getting off the ball."


Checkered legacy: Bosa is the eighth Ohio State defensive lineman taken in the first round. The other seven combined for one Pro Bowl honor, that of the late Will Smith. The top-10 picks, Dan Wilkerson and Vernon Gholston, were busts.

Smith, the best rusher on the '02 national-title team, helped New Orleans win a Super Bowl after going 18th in 2004. The Steelers' Cam Heyward, drafted 31st in 2011, is having a good career.

Passion play: From Telesco and Mike McCoy, the same word kept surfacing Thursday night. Passion. They used it five times in regards to Bosa. "It's all ball," McCoy said. "He loves the game. The passion for the game is amazing."

Board game: Telesco said Bosa was first on San Diego's draft board, not only recently but since September. Back then, Bosa was coming off a dominant sophomore season.

Sunny side up: Serving up best-case scenarios for potential Chargers draftees last month, here was my take on Bosa:

Chargers vets, after getting a look at Bosa in spring training, marvel that he's still only 20 years old. As he did as an Ohio State freshman, he makes big plays as a rookie. No one equates him to J.J. Watt, but with Bosa upgrading Kendall Reyes' old spot, and Corey Liuget and Brandon Mebane showing out, and sophomore Darius Philon making splash plays in a deepening rotation, the defensive line goes from weakness to strength.

Bolts fans adopt Bosa's signature shrug. After getting a taste of Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and Windansea, Bosa declares himself a San Diego dude for life.