LETTERS: NCT, Sept. 20, 2012

You didn't build that

It should be extremely humiliating for liberals like Stephen Carter ( Aug. 24 ), who refuse to accept the fact that their hero and savior, Barack Obama, can't speak astutely without instructions from a teleprompter.


They must cringe in shame when faced with the fact that Obama can't escape his own words and that his most lasting legacy and epitaph will surely be his spontaneous and unscripted proclamation, "You didn't build that."

Nevertheless, they continue to defend Obama and argue that his statement was "taken out of context" and he really didn't mean what he said, when, in fact, his statement is equally as insulting in its entire context as it is out of context.


The truth is that there are millions of Americans who did help build America through risk, ingenuity, hard work, sacrifice, thrift, trial and error, sheer guts and individualism. Their success was primarily due to their own efforts, despite the heavy hand of government.

Most Americans don't need lectures and insults by this amateur in the White House who never had a real job or operated a business, nor should we submit to Obama's constant reminders that Americans are losers, incapable of existing without government handouts and pandering.

Darrell Beck



Two kinds of Democrats

It takes an idiot to raise a village, so we can join the other villages that are failing because of their political ideology, i.e., socialism/communism of the liberal and progressive persuasion.

It is like leaving the suburbs to move to slums of a town that died because of mismanagement and corruption, so you can ensure your own eventual victimization and death.

There are two kinds of Democrats, in my estimation: those who are gullible and those who take advantage of the gullible. For instance, black unemployment is highest under a black president.

Under the administration of that same president, debt is more than all the previous presidents combined. General Motors, now so-called "Government Motors," was bailed out by the government with taxpayer money ... But the union workers in America are still employed and support the "Democrat National Circus."

We the American people are evaporating. We are fading away; our industry and treasury are gone while we bicker amongst ourselves about who will preside over our remains.

We need sound business decisions, not more gas on the fire.

Fred Schuster



Land of the freebie

The Democratic Party may be divided over the existence of God, but they seem in total agreement when it comes to Santa Claus.

Ironically, as former Gov. Ted Strickland was telling the Democratic National Convention that Mitt Romney plans to "fire the reindeer and outsource all the elves," our national debt clock turned to $16 trillion. Not that anyone at the DNC would notice, or care.

When you make a political career of promising "entitlements," you don't blink at $16 trillion when you are already committed to something like $100 trillion in unfunded promises. Why worry? It will either come from Santa Claus, or we'll put it on someone's credit card.

Either way, it gives new meaning to the phrase: "land of the free."

Grant Kuhns


Government creates jobs

Recently, a reader wrote that President Obama, like Franklin Roosevelt, is mistaken in the belief that government programs help the economy by creating jobs ( "Obama wrong, like FDR," by John Cusumano, Sept. 12 ).

To prove it, he points out that while the unemployment rate through the 1930s was 30 percent, it fell to 1 percent in 1945, and "American businesses did that, not government-run programs." So he apparently believes World War II was not a government-run program, when, in fact, it was the largest in world history. This indicates that perhaps the Civilian Conservation Corps and other government programs in the '30s didn't go far enough.

While it is a mantra on the right that "government doesn't create jobs," they can't explain how a new highway or aircraft carrier gets built without workers. A more accurate description would be: Government programs create jobs, but do not create new wealth or expand gross domestic product (Exceptions: The G.I. Bill increased wealth, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency produced the Internet, and the space program improved our technological edge ---- all of which expanded GDP dramatically).

Keith Larson


Attend Nitro Night, the Cruisin' Grand finale

The Escondido Cruisin' Grand 2012 season is about to end with the Nitro Night event on Sept. 28. Come to downtown Escondido to witness the awesome thunder of the beautifully restored and maintained 1950s and 1960s nitro-burning dragsters. The flame-spitting exhaust pipes, the earth-shaking rumble, the smell of burning nitro into the evening air will be a memorable experience for all.

Free earplugs will be available for those who wish to use them.

Everyone who brings infants and pets to the events, be aware that the noise, smells and excitement may be disturbing for your children or pets.

See you at the Friday night hot spot in historical downtown Escondido on the last Friday of September 2012.

Bob Mullay


Thoughts on intolerance

Intolerance seems to be a one-way street. The homosexual community almost uses it as a battle cry for their opinions.

The latest protests against Chick-fil-A are an example. Philadelphia's City Council member Jim Kenney labeled the restaurant's owner, Dan Cathy "rabidly homophobic" and to "take a hike and take your intolerance with you" (

This perfectly exemplified even the media's acceptance of intolerance

This was in spite of the fact that Cathy had said, "While my family and I believe in the Biblical definition of marriage, we love and respect everyone who disagrees" ( Homosexuals don't share that view. No tolerance there.

This anti-Christian attitude has spread rapidly the last few years even in our local papers, where "opinions" of writers seem to bring out the "intolerance" of editors to phrases where the theory of evolution was likened to Biblical fruits people will know and called it "too religious," with no qualms about opinions advertising homosexuality.

Even community leaders like Rahm Emmanuel of Chicago jumped on the intolerance band wagon with, "Chick-fil-A values are not Chicago's values." Rahm Emmanuel was Obama's chief-of-staff.

Irvin Forbing



Media support Obama

The Sept. 2 Parade magazine, which I know the North County Times has no control over, ticked me off.

The pictures and story on Obamas was the usual hype, but these ladies (and I use the term loosely) kept writing "his first term," "their first term," their first four years" and "in your second term." If impartially written, they would have written "your four years," "their four years" and "if you win a second term."

A recent poll of media people had 34 percent claiming they were liberals and only 6 percent claimed to be conservatives. Any fool can see that the media is backing Obama. They did not vet him in 2008 and they are trying to give him the election because that is who they want.

It's the same with illegal immigration, virtually every article on the subject is written by Latinos who favor open borders and amnesty. Can't you try to find some writers who support our laws, even though our president does not?

Lloyd Rochambeau

San Marcos

Vote no on tax increases

Once again, the Legislature is re-creating the wheel. The latest debacle is Senate Bill 1234 ---- The Golden State Retirement Savings Trust Act.

This bill does nothing more than create another state bureaucracy to administer another program that people can already do for themselves. Regardless of the job or the salary, any worker in California can already contribute to a savings plan at his or her bank or credit union. The sticking point is that the state system guarantees a certain percentage return.

Why would anyone stay in an employer 401(k) program where principal can quickly be eroded if they can switch to a program where the principal is protected and a rate of return is guaranteed? The big question becomes who will foot the bill for a below-par return on investment, which can happen ---- just refer to CalPERS' latest performance.

My guess is we'll just raise taxes again to bail out this irresponsible program. Make Sacramento show that it can responsibly manage the money it currently gets before adopting new programs and increasing our taxes further. Vote no on all tax increases in November.

Melissa Holiday


The false equivalence of whiny conservatives

The false equivalence fomented by conservative pundits appears once again in columns by Debra J. Saunders ( "Barack Obama, all in," Sept. 11 ) and Michael Gerson ( "Does Romney have a route to victory?" Sept. 11 ).

Sanders offers this nugget, "Barack Obama is not ... moving to the center. He is not going to reach across the aisle." One must ask Ms. Saunders ---- where is that center? Her Republican party has moved so far to the right that the center has been obliterated. Were Obama positioned at the 50-yard line, his opposition would be anchored at their own goal line, demanding that the president meet them halfway ---- their idea of the center. Obama stands at the true center (he is no leftist) and they refuse to approach him.

Former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson laments the Democratic approach to politics, which he finds "not pretty," and which, if successful, would lead to more negative attacks and "purposeful ideological polarization in American campaigns." Ironic, considering his is the party of Roger Ailes, Lee Atwater and Karl Rove, all masters of dirty and divisive campaigning.

That the Democrats have taken the gloves off in this election cycle comes as a shock to many in the GOP, and all they can do is whine about it.

John Musser


What are our kids being taught about 9/11?

My nephew, a proud first-generation American, who will remain anonymous, came home shaking and in tears this afternoon. It seems some of his schoolmates think Sept. 11 is a joke.

In fact, they were telling jokes about flying planes into buildings.

I don't know what the "professional" educators are teaching kids about 9/11 these days, but I'm sure it isn't the truth, because if the truth were being taught, it wouldn't be considered cool or funny to joke about it on 9/11.

Miles Smith


Why was our embassy in Libya still open?

Regarding the murder of U.S. ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens: Why was our embassy still open? Libya is still in the midst of a civil war, and our State Department should have put the lives of our citizens ahead of a politically correct appearance.

Who are we kissing up to now?

Thomas Francl


Which Bush did he mean?

Re: "You can quote him," by Jack Anderson, Sept. 8 : I may quote him, if he can clarify either.

Did he mean George Herbert Walker Bush, the "huge wimp," as we used to call him, senior now, who started a war that only his son could stop?

Or did he mean "Washup," George W. Bush Jr., the one who left the mess for President Obama in the first place, after the hardships of 9/11, Desert Storm, Katrina and the big recession of 2008, of which both W. Bush and Obama cleaned up well?

Stephen Focosi

San Marcos