FROM THE ARCHIVES: Miami Dolphins draft history

Stories from the



archive show what was thought of the Dolphins' draft picks at the time they were selected.

2006: Saban sold on Allen

2005: Good day for Saban -- No surprises

2004: Dolphins deal to grab Carey

2003: Dolphins' first pick surprises

2002: Dolphins address offense in draft

2001: Dolphins have it covered

2000: Dolphins beef up offense

1999: Power play unfolds

1998: High-speed impact

1997: Dolphins think big

1996: Dolphin gamble: Gardener

1995: Dolphins toe line -- twice

1994: It's big reach for Dolphins

1993: Dolphins get their O.J.

1992: Shula puts 'D' back in Dolphins

1991: Fast wideout Hill can stay in Miami

1990: Dolphins fill up on beef

1989: FSU's Smith top Dolphin

1988: Kumerow the surprise pick

1987: Defense gets 1-2 punch

1986: Dolphins happy with 52 pickup

1985: Run-thirsty Dolphins get Gator aid