Mipcom: Anne Sweeney Looks Forward to a Life After Disney


, who is stepping down as co-chair,

Media Networks, and president, Disney/

Television Group, early next year, used her keynote interview at

to explain her reasons for leaving the Mouse House.

"I believe in doing what scares you, and I believe that the greatest gift you are given is curiosity. And I started my career -- before the professional part of my career -- on the creative side, and that has been something that drove me into television. It was really my love of theater that drove me into television."

She added: "And then I started in the cable industry at a very early stage when there was still a lot of hands-on for executives. And over the years I have continued to love but become more distant from the creative process."

Sweeney said that she had decided that, as her contract was up for renewal, that what she wanted to do next would be on the creative side.


"I started to think about the creative side and I started to think about the thing that I really didn't get to do on a full-time basis. And I had had a few conversations with people over the years about directing, and it is something that I have always felt very drawn to, but what I am going to do as of January 31st next year is take the plunge, apply to some directing workshops, and pursue the creative side. If not now, when?"

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