On the Town: Volunteer honored for decades of service

This past week proved to be historic for women, both at the ballot box and on the ballot.

Representing 53% of the electorate in last Tuesday's election, the female vote proved to be decisive in reelecting President Obama to a second term, as well as electing a record number of women to Congress.

With the power of women so clearly in the spotlight, it was fitting that Tuesday evening saw Mayor Dave Golonski and the Burbank City Council honor Connie Wilson for her distinguished record of public service to the City of Burbank.

A longtime resident, Wilson served on the Library Board of Trustees, as a member of Friends of the Burbank Public Library, a Burbank school librarian, a member of the La Providencia Guild of Children's Hospital Los Angeles and as the Voter Service Director for the League of Women Voters of Burbank/Glendale.

She and her late husband, Alan, were also active members of the Starlight Hills Committee.

Unable to attend Tuesday's City Council meeting due to health issues, Wilson was visited last week by Golonski at her home to present a mayor's commendation.

The visit, which was taped by Burbank Channel 6, aired during Tuesday night's council meeting.

This past week also saw the power of women on display as the Toluca Guild of Children's Hospital Los Angeles staged its annual holiday extravaganza fundraiser at Lakeside Golf Club.

Chaired by Paula Carpenter and Patricia O'Conner, the event, which included a silent auction, raffle prizes, a boutique offering jewelry and clothing, a card tournament and lunch, was hosted by the organization's president, Darlene Lloyd, and emceed by NBC-4's Fritz Coleman.

Among the 250-plus guild members and supporters who made this year's event a success were Pat Lobinger, Kimberley Clark, Kathy Royster, Sophie Goodsell, Tracy Canfield, Judy Gragg, Sharon Terranova, Lynda Willner, Maureen Walsh, Mary Christensen and Paige Peter.

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