On the Town: Counting down to midnight at Tony's Darts Away

As the final hours of a year slip into history and a new one begins, everyone has their own personal way in which to bid adieu to the old and ring in the new. While some opt for the coziness of home, others don their finery and step out for some big-time dining, dancing and reveling.

In Burbank, a tradition that has sprung up over the past few years is to welcome in the New Year at Tony's Darts Away, the Magnolia Boulevard bar that specializes in California craft beers, rare and limited-edition brews and a vegan and non-vegan menu with culinary offerings way beyond what one would expect from a neighborhood watering hole.

“There are always a lot of familiar faces here on New Year's Eve,” said Tony Essa. “The place has a real family vibe. It reminds me of the neighborhood bars I went to back where I grew up in Bena, Minn.”

Bartender Sandra Meyer, who saw her third New Year celebrated at Tony's on Monday night, agreed with Essa.

“I recognize everyone in here,” she said. “If I don't know them, they're here with someone I do know, so it's also great to get to meet new people and get to know them.”

The evening, which included a buffet of some of Chef Randy St. Claire's specialties, the offering of all of Tony's great brews, commemorative gifts and raffles, was hosted by the establishment's owner Tony Yanow.

Joined by his wife, Amy, Yanow welcomed a crowd of New Year's Eve revelers that included Jake Leannah, Samantha Sutker, Justin and Missy Hintz, Casey Lilenfeld, Brittany Drake, Alisha Irvine, Christopher Castro, Kim Alves Henige, Ruben Dominguez Jr., Nicholas Kaat, R. Scott Bolton, Joel Hellman, Robyn Hawkes, Steve Irvine, Erica Ann Arámbula, Kelly Walsh, Tad Brown, Jon Daillak, Rob Weldon, Caroline Concha and Matt Frock.

Along with making sure everyone was having a great time as the clock inched toward midnight, Tony's Dart Away Manager Alex Whomsley made sure the assemblage knew that with 2013 less than 10 hours old Chef Randy would be presenting a New Year's Day brunch guaranteed to help ease hangovers.

The bar will also be kicking off the New Year with a month of trivia nights conducted by the renowned trivia gaming group Geeks Who Drink on January 7. Every Monday in January, teams with up to six people will vie for championships in all things trivial for prizes that will include gift certificates, Golden Road Brewing swag and other goodies.

Located at 1710 W. Magnolia Boulevard, Tony's Darts Away is a bar that strives to have a zero-waste bar and an almost-zero-waste kitchen.

They are open seven days a week and serve a regular lunch menu that includes their great vegan and non-vegan sausage specials.

For more information, call (818) 253-1710.


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