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On the Town: New Year’s event focuses on ‘big asks’ for 2019

While the ball dropped into New York’s Times Square for the 111th time, here in Burbank, “big asks” were being offered up at the home of Steven and Sarah Grandinetti on New Year’s Eve.

In the latter part of 2018, Sarah, an author, entrepreneur in the beauty industry and international facilitator for the self-help program Access Consciousness, asked herself a question: “What if 2019 was unlike any other year?”

As a person who teaches people to look at life from a different perspective so they can create a world of consciousness and oneness, where nothing is judged and positive changes will bloom, Sarah Grandinetti made the decision to end 2018 and kick off 2019 with a blow-out New Year’s Eve bash. She decided to call the event: “The Unlikely New Year’s Eve Party — Unlike Any Other.”

As guests arrived at the Grandinettis’ beautiful hillside home for an evening of dining, dancing and entertainment, they were asked to write their big asks on a huge banner that stretched the entire length of the couple’s foyer wall.


“We want people to shear their asks for the new year — the big ones,” said Sarah Grandinetti “We specifically want people to think about what they want to put out there, what they want to ask of the universe in 2019, instead of making resolutions, which no one ever keeps.”

Asked for her own big ask, Sarah Grandinetti said she is hoping to further share her belief that, by simply making the choice to do so, every problem proves to be a possibility.

Her husband, a restaurant manager who for many years oversaw Burbank’s old Elephant Bar, said his big ask was that his four children, who will each be taking steps in new directions in 2019, will find the right paths.

Along with the Grandinettis, Monday night’s party was also co-hosted by three of Sara’s business associates, Cassy Summers, Paula Peralta, and Patty Alfonso.


Summers, also of Access Consciousness, is an author who co-founded the online movement #IamBeauty along with Sarah Grandinetti. She thought for a moment when asked for her big ask.

“This may sound odd but, I’m giving up on giving up everything to everyone,” she said. “I love giving to others, that’s my passion and my work, but this year, I want to make sure I am also doing right by me, and giving to myself.”

Peralta, a brand ambassador, social media strategist and empowerment coach, threw her head back and laughed when queried on her big ask.

“This year, my ask is to have more fun than ever before, and invite everyone around me to join in.”

Alfonso, an internationally acclaimed speaker and facilitator on the topics of consciousness and creating a life that inspires change, has spoken to audiences around the world including royalty, government officials, business leaders and influencers.

The author of “Your Body as the Creation of Consciousness” and “Dancing as the Body of Consciousness,” Alfonso was direct when asked to reveal her big ask for 2019.

“This year, I want to be everything I haven’t yet allowed myself to be,” Alfonso said.

Asked to elaborate on that, she smiled. “Each one of us has a greatness within us, and this year, I’m removing any barriers to tapping into my greatness.”


Along with offering up their big asks, Grandinettis’ guests rocked away the old year to the music of Michael “Mikey DL” de Lara.

Among those in attendance included Madeline Morgan, Karina Jurado, Nelly Northcross, Peter Kelsey, Lauren Polly, Cassandra Nicole Ragsdale, Becky Vannes, Trina Rice, Norma Hernandez-Hans, Andrea De Luna Goettman, Binny Chopra, Piper Major, Jessica Greer, Rondah Delos Reyes, Gil Baron and Elyssa Phillips.

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