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League assists Christmas into July

It was Christmas in July as the Assistance League of Glendale rolled out the red and green carpet to host its annual sale of holiday-themed ornaments, books, jewelry, fabrics, crafts, formal ensembles and furs — real and otherwise. On July 21, the clubhouse was transformed into a winter playground for shoppers. Merchandise from the organization’s Thrift Alley was transferred to the larger hall for hundreds of shoppers who had no trouble filling the room between 10:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m. — just when the kiddies are in school and mom is playing hooky from her usual chores. The sale continued for the following two days.

Event Co-Chairman Sylvia Kowal and a camera-shy Claire Collins had supervised their team of eight volunteers for approximately 60 hours. They sorted and priced the more than 1,000 items collected since January. More than 50 bins of product had arrived since the beginning of the year at Assistance League headquarters on Harvard Street, the site of the sale. Ann Chadney was charged with organizing the buttons and bows, on sale for a mere 25 cents each. Bea Wojtyla greeted shoppers. She was assisted by Margery Welker in her fire-engine red apron, easy to spot from blocks away. Also in their no-nonsense aprons were President Alma Tycer and Immediate Past President Jean Peacock, happy to pass on leadership responsibilities.

La Crescenta gal around town Danette Erickson tried on a polka-dotted rabbit-fur coat for $40. At deadline she’s still considering whether to purchase it. Marcie Haug toted around “Lula,” a buxom plush bar girl for any men shoppers in the crowd. At a mere $30, there were still no takers for the doll. The rest of the plush toys on sale were found at an estate sale.

Glendale residents Taleen Janian and mom Roubina Janian struggled to their car, weighed down by boxes of holiday goodies. More shoppers included Cecelia Walker from Glendale. She was attracted to the holiday greeting cards for pennies on the dollar.


Proceeds from the sale will support the organization’s philanthropies, some of which provide clothing and school supplies for children and academic scholarships for teenagers.

Meals on Wheels

Each year members of the Church Women United of Glendale seem to outdo themselves in presenting their “Meals on Wheels” salad bar luncheon at the First United Methodist Church. They’ve had plenty of practice. July 26 marked their 34th year of lunches, with proceeds going to the Glendale Salvation Army.

Co-chairmen Karil Drake and Evelyn Horigan guided volunteers representing several churches in Glendale, including Salem Lutheran and Incarnation. The tasks on tap included cooking, serving and clean-up for more than 250 hungry luncheon guests. At $8 a ticket, you couldn’t go wrong. Add $5 dollars to that if you wanted to take a second lunch home.


All had their choice of meat salads, deviled eggs (always a favorite), fruit salads and bread. Each year more restaurants make food contributions. This year’s participating restaurants included Damon’s Steakhouse, Don Cuco’s, Marie Callender’s and Shakers.

City VIPs sat with 25 homeless men and women whose lunches were donated. City Manager Jim Starbuck kept his trim physique by choosing salads. So did Assistant City Manager Yasmin Beers. Tom Lorenz, who has the dual role of Public Information Officer for the City and the Police Department, chose a combination of potato salad and hardy breads.

Also present were Glendale residents and volunteer movers and shakers Lynda Burns, Mary Rose Grim and Anna Rundle. Salvation Army Captains Rachel and Rio Ray, having offered a blessing on the food, gave a spiritual lift to all participating.

Expected proceeds of $2,000 will go to the Salvation Army’s “Meals on Wheels” program.