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Local women make for a super Saturday

While the meeting of the gridiron gladiators from New York and New England dominated the social events of this past Sunday, just 24 hours earlier it was local women who were dominating the day as the Verdugo Glen Chapter of the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) and the Burbank Chapter of National Charity League (NCL) convened for respective events.

Dedicated to enhancing the careers and personal growth of women, ABWA staged its Heart of Business Expo to provide members and guests with the opportunity to participate in workshops with successful business experts including Jenn August, Lori Hartwell, Kathy Vincent, Katy Tafoya, Lisa Hall, Robbie Motter and Ardis Bazyn. The highlight of the day was an address to the complete assemblage by keynote speaker Linda LoRe, who served as the CEO for Fredericks of Hollywood and Giorgio of Beverly Hills.

Among those who made the event possible were ABWA Chapter President Lynn White-Shelby and board members Martha Preciado, Loren West, Barbara Williams, Elysa Rosenfeld-Ortiz, expo team members Veronica Egurrola, Barbara Williams, Betty Fox and Donna Hempel, and exhibitors Patricia Nelson, Kandice Astamendi and Annie Issagholyan, and members Zoila Athas, Donna Keyser, Debi King, Delilah Dijamco, Janet Lata, Karla Veliz, Teresa Garcia, Nancy Johnson, Nicola Keller, Evelyn Reichgelt, Marcia Mullins and Brandi Hackitt.

The power of super women continued as Burbank’s National Charity League gathered at the Castaway for Mardi Gras — Casino Night of Charity on Saturday evening. Hosted by NCL Chapter President Charlene Tabet and event Chairwoman Debbie Wade, proceeds from the evening will benefit the mother/daughter organization that locally gives more than 10,000 hours of community service annually to 27 different philanthropies in Burbank and the surrounding area.


Among the mothers, known as “Patronesses,” and the daughters, known as “Ticktockers,” the evening was enjoyed by more than 200 family members and supporters, including Peter and Eileen Addison, Vicky Emilio and Erika Alarcon, Chris and Natalie Augustine, Rich and Ruth Baenen, Nick and Mindy Beard, Darrow Bolden, Anthony and Frances Bonde, Olivia and Ted Boyce, Nancy Boyden-Flinder, George Castillo, Namrata and Joseph Cooper, Kelly Coronna, Paul and Whitney Crispi, Asia Demarcos, John and Patty Dilbert, Jeanette and Stephen Docherty, Michael and Debi Ruiz, Jerry Wade, Gema and Rey Sanchez, Darrell, Patricia, Joel, Kim, Brooke and McCauley Taylor, Ed Terandek, Rosario and Alexander Fernandez, Kerry and Robert Mulder and Linda, Rick and Tanya Viebanh.

Burbank’s NCL chapter was founded in 1959 and chartered in 1960. The organization currently boasts the membership of more than 90 Ticktockers in six grade levels. In addition to their philanthropy and volunteer service, the organization also teaches etiquette and social graces to groom young women to be responsible, productive citizens who have contributed, and will contribute, to society in a positive way.