A three-hour Warner Bros. tour

The historic movie lot at Warner Bros. Studios is no amusement park. There is no roller coaster, no dinosaurs to send you down an 80-foot raft plunge. Curious George will never soak your kids or give them a hug. (See Universal for that.) But fans can get a glimpse of real movie and TV productions at work on the sprawling Burbank campus at the studio’s VIP Studio Tour, and examine artifacts from productions dating back to “Casablanca” and up through the “Harry Potter” series.

“We’ve been hearing from people who say it’s the reason they are coming to Los Angeles,” says Danny Kahn, executive director of the tour, of the thousands of visitors who pass through every month. “We obviously have productions going on all over the world, but they think of the studio as the center of the universe for Warner Bros. We have seen international guests that we really haven’t seen before.”

Small trams cruise the backlot streets walked by James Dean and Clint Eastwood, and visitors can step into an alley where Spider-Man once stole a kiss from Kirsten Dunst. The tour attracts up to 1,500 visitors a day during peak summer months and is available seven days a week. Besides the standard $45 VIP tour is an expanded five-hour “Deluxe” tour (for $250) that allows visitors more quality time for exploring.

Both tours end at the Warner Bros. Studio Museum, with costumes and props from the earliest days of the studio and up to “The Dark Knight Rises.”

“It’s a chance for people to see artifacts from their favorite television shows and favorite films very, very close,” says Leith Adams, the studio’s archivist since 1992. Currently, the entire second floor is devoted to “Harry Potter” exhibits. “It’s such a phenomenally unique film series. We know ‘Harry Potter’ is going to live forever.”

For more information, visit vipstudiotour.warnerbros.com or call (877) 492-8687.

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