Most of Burbank Town Center’s renovation expected to be complete by Black Friday

The $60-million renovation of the Burbank Town Center is still months away from being completed, but most of the major work is expected to be finished by the start of the holiday shopping season, officials said.

By Black Friday, the new tiles, seating areas, escalator at the Magnolia Boulevard entrance and food court should all be completed at the indoor mall.


However, newer amenities, such as a third-floor dining terrace and several new stores, are estimated to be finished sometime in early to mid-2018, said Amy Brown, general manager of the center.

The food court has been moved from the third floor to the first floor. Four of the six tenant booths have been completed, but all of the food vendors should be open by Black Friday, Brown said.


Additionally, Brown said new floor tiles and LED lights have been installed throughout the building. Just several days ago, the new seating furniture for the mall arrived and was installed. LED lights were also installed throughout the parking structures.

"It's like a completely different place now," Brown said.

The elevator near the Magnolia side of the Town Center was also removed and replaced with a grand staircase as a way to create a cleaner look throughout the mall, Brown said. She added that there is a new entrance to the mall located on the first floor of the west parking garage. Another entrance at the east side of the mall is expected to be completed by Christmas.

Though a lot of work has been done since the renovation started in late 2016, there are still a few major components that are yet to be completed.


There is still work being done to remodel several stores, including Shiekh Shoes, New York & Co. and Vans.

Two new tenants — Cost Plus World Market and H&M — are still awaiting for their stores to be completed, which is expected to be sometime in the first quarter of 2018 for Cost Plus and the summer of 2018 for H&M, Brown said.

Additionally, the third-floor dining terrace, which will feature three sit-down restaurants, will not be completed until next spring, but the Town Center has yet to pin down the tenants for that space, Brown said.

Brown said that she has been receiving positive feedback from mall customers, so far, which she said was the goal of the renovation.

"We're really excited about that," Brown said. "We wanted to make everything lighter, brighter and more modern, and it seems like people feel like we accomplished that."

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