Driver accused of reckless driving, passenger arrested in Burbank following two-hour pursuit

Burbank police K-9 officer Joel Rodriguez, along with officers from California Highway Patrol, look at a Porsche after it came to a rolling stop in an alley north of Alameda east of Cordova.
(Courtesy of Ross Benson)

Officials detained two occupants of a convertible Porsche after chasing them across several freeways throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties Friday night, according to KTLA.

The pursuit began and ended in Burbank. Officers initiated the chase shortly before 8 p.m. after attempting to pull the Carrera sports car over near the intersection of Riverside and Bob Hope drives, according to Burbank Police Lt. Claudio Losacco.

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12:15 PM, Sep. 09, 2018 This story was updated with information from the Burbank Police Department

The vehicle was wanted for reckless driving and not having valid plates, Losacco said.

Sky5 was overhead the pursuit about 15 minutes later as the two-seater car was heading south on the 101 Freeway through Hollywood.


The car was driving with its top down and two people were visible inside.

The male driver was later identified by police as William Robinson, 58 of Burbank, while the person in the passenger seat was later identified by police as Justine Graves, 40 of Burbank.

The convertible was mostly traveling with traffic, though at times it appeared to be speeding.

Once it reached downtown L.A., the car got onto the eastbound 10 Freeway and continued into East L.A.


In the El Monte area, the car got off the freeway for a period then got back on heading westbound.

Once it got back to East L.A., the driver then headed onto the southbound 710 Freeway before merging onto the southbound 5 Freeway toward Norwalk.

Burbank police officers take William Robinson, 58 of Burbank, into custody following a two hour pursuit that started in Burbank and returned to Burbank. Robinson was booked for felony evasion.
(Ross A. Benson)

At this point, the passenger was seen talking on cellphone, and continuing to rock back and forth in apparent distress.

The car continued to travel at relatively slow speeds, though it mainly was using the freeway’s fast lane.

It began to travel circuitously through the area, first getting onto the eastbound 91 Freeway in Buena Park before heading north on Highway 57 through Fullerton.

Then, in Diamond Bar, it switched onto the westbound 60 Freeway, back toward the Montebello area.

Eventually, the car wound up back in the East L.A. area, then got back onto the 101 Freeway, this time heading north.


The car exited the freeway onto surface streets at Barham Boulevard in the Hollywood Hills area and made its way into Burbank via surface streets.

There, the car pulled into an alley between residences and both occupants fled on foot. The convertible appeared to hit a parked SUV as they abandoned it.

Minutes later, shortly after 10 p.m., the man and woman were separately seen being escorted in handcuffs out of the residential area and into the backs of police cars.

The man wore a large crucifix around his neck and repeatedly made statements about God. He also claimed the FBI has had him “surrounded” and tried to kill him “for years and years.”

“It’s the power of the Lord, that’s all I can say,” the man said. “He runs this place, not the FBI.”

Neighbor Scott Corley described the man as unstable, saying he’s either preaching Bible scriptures or threatening people.

“We’ve called the police on him several times,” Corley said, adding it was about the fifth or sixth time officers had responded to the location to question him.

Robinson was arrested on suspicion of felony evasion, while Graves was arrested on suspicion of possession of drugs, according to Burbank police.


Erika Martin is a reporter for KTLA.