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Burbank is a city, but it feels like a town

Saying hello to people is going around

Not much crime or gangs in the streets


People helping neighbors stand on their feet

The Boys and Girls Club and the YMCA

Open after school so our kids can play

A lot more to this than meets the eye


Hardworking people to make it all fly

The City Council is taking our calls

While business is booming at the Media Mall

Our schools are much better than the ones in L.A.

The city is building new things everyday

The parks are safe and there are programs galore

We got Nickelodeon, WB, NBC and the Disney store

So we’re not into selling or taking any bids


‘Cause Burbank’s the city we will raise our kids



Slamming the dancers

Where have all the dance studios gone? John Burroughs has had two

since 1949 when it became a high school.

There were too many dancers to stay in one 40' by 85' for too long.

They needed lots of space to dance so they also used the one next door


when there was not a figure improvement class in it, aerobic, song

leaders, cheerleaders, drill team etc.

In 1996, one of them disappeared and everybody was squeezed into one.

Then the planning committee for the new facility being built and

finished two to five years from now says, “There is none.” The high

school has gone from two dance studios to none. Why?

Could it be that no one has remembered the dance athlete? Or could it

be that no one feels they are as important as other athletes? Or maybe

it’s because they are all females?

There has to be a reason why and the issue must be dealt with now so

that the coming generations of dancers have as much space to practice

their craft as the weightlifters, basketball players, swimmers, etc.

Every other program that exists at the high school today has a

facility, a room in the new building except dance.