Explore a city treasure Put this...

Explore a city treasure

Put this delightful outing high on your 2000 calendar -- a trip

through Burbank’s past at the Gordon Howard Museum Complex at 115 Lomita



Check out the fine old cars and trucks, the great photos of Burbank’s

own monorail, a truck factory, Lockheed’s beginnings, the early movie

industry and a treasure trove of other highlights.

Then tour the charming old house at 1015 W. Olive -- the one you see


every time you are west of Victory. Knowing more of your city’s history

will make it that much more interesting as you drive around.

“Hey look, that’s where Joe Fawkes had his monorail.”

“Can you believe it, there was a hitching post right there on San

Fernando Road?”

And a hundred more just as interesting and as much fun for the kids.

The all-volunteer Burbank Historical Society created and maintains

this priceless treasure and deserves the gratitude of all Burbank


residents. All the volunteers ask is that you come and enjoy their free

gift to us, to call if you have something of interest you would like to

donate, or to arrange for a group tour.

The society is preserving our history, but they have their thoughts on

the future as they dream of a building addition to ease the “busting at

the seams.” See you at the museum.

Call 841-6333 for more information.




Mayor’s ‘gift’ leaves reader cold

Mayor Stacey Murphy is quoted to have said the following at the City

Hall Christmas Tree Lighting, “It’s with great pleasure that I give these

gifts to the community” (“Deck the halls,” Dec. 8).

This statement was made in regards to the renovation of City Hall and

the unveiling of a historic monument. Considering the community paid for

the renovation, some engineers and designers planned the project and some

workers actually did the work, what did Stacey Murphy have to do with

this “gift?”

As far as I know, she may have been one fifth of a council vote

approving the renovation.

Of course, this kind of egotism isn’t uncommon for state and federal

politicians, who routinely dole out the taxpayers’ money for special

causes, then bask in the glory of giving. But this is understandable,

since what they care most about is getting reelected. Maybe, Stacey

Murphy is hoping that the voters of Burbank will so greatly appreciate

the “gift” she has given us that they will reelect her.

Until I see a change in this kind of behavior, Ms. Murphy won’t get my

vote, or other votes, I hope.



Bah Humbug, Burbank!

After our marriage, we found a cozy little place in Burbank and moved


Since my husband had lived here his whole life he was sure this was

where he wanted to be. We loved the sense of community and feeling of


Lately, we have noticed more than a change in the weather. It is our

daughter’s first Christmas we went all out, as much as we could. We went

bright and early to search for a tree. We decorated it with lights,

ornaments, ribbons and things. We hung a fresh wreath on the front of our

door, and for a warm Christmas hug to all that pass by, we set out two

lovely poinsettias right on the doorstep.

Three days after we set up our Christmas house I was on my way off to

work when I couldn’t believe my eyes.

They were gone! Nothing but a leaf left!

What kind of person steals Christmas cheer?

Nail down your lights, reindeer, snowman and even St. Nick!