Across the nation this Christmas morning, sweater-clad families gather

in front of roaring fires to unwrap gifts from their kith and kin.

Outside, the snow drifts pile high on the sidewalks. If they’re taking

the family car to Christmas dinner, they must first shovel the driveway.


Despite the official onset of winter always just a few days before

Santa swoops down from the North Pole, we in Burbank have to try a little

bit harder to capture the same spirit.

With the temperature expected to reach the mid-70s, many will probably


be dressed in shorts and sleeveless shirts today. Instead of the ambient

glow of a flickering fire, we’re almost as likely to hear the hum of an

air conditioner. A glance out the window reveals an indigo sky, with nary

a snowflake in sight. Instead, the tree may be adorned with snippets of

white crepe paper, the inside of the window pane decked with

self-adhesive, ersatz snowflakes.

But who among us would change a whit of it?

As the old saw goes, the “snow” in Southern California is a lot easier


to shovel!

On this peaceful day we share with our significant others, our

enviable weather is just one of the gifts we don’t have to unwrap. We

can’t even count all our blessings.

We live in a vibrant, safe community, with amenities second to none.

Our civic and cultural lives are a rich smorgasbord of opportunities,

featuring a menu so diverse there’s something for everyone. Offerings

range from symphonies to a skate board park, The Starlight Bowl to the


Gordon Howard Museum, the Tonight Show and Burbank on Parade. The sublime

to the silly and everything in between.

As we gather this Christmas Day and joyously feast our senses on the

treasures revealed when the gift-wrap is torn away, spare a thought for

the less tangible but not-less-significant presents bestowed on us almost

every day by our happy circumstances. Renew your commitment to do your

best to ensure the spirit of Christmas lives and flourishes in Burbank

throughout the year. It’s the best way to say thanks for our special