Scott beats Wildman

Robert Shaffer

BURBANK -- Republican Paul Zee won easily and Jack Scott survived a

tough Democratic race in the state Senate primaries.

Scott, Zee and Libertarian Bob New will look to the November election

to decide the 21st District representative. The winner will get a

four-year term in the California Senate.

Zee received more than 28% of the total vote to David Wallis' 6% in

the Republican primary.

In the more contentious primary between two Assembly Democrats, Jack

Scott won a competitive race over colleague Scott Wildman by 6,591


Scott received 34% of the vote to capture more support than any other

candidate. Wildman was second with 30% of the vote.

Zee and Wallis followed, and Bob New, the Libertarian who ran

unopposed, received 2% of votes cast.

Two-thirds of the votes cast Tuesday were for the two Democratic

candidates, something that bodes well for Scott if it holds up in


Zee, a South Pasadena City Councilman, said because of the contested

Democratic primary, many Republican voters cast ballots in that election.

"A lot of those will be voting for me in November," he said.

Zee said he will continue his campaign without a post-primary

vacation. Scott isn't taking any time off immediately, either -- he was

on a plane Wednesday to Sacramento, and his job in the Assembly.

With three years in the Legislature under his belt, Scott has the

advantage of being known throughout the district. Zee, who was relatively

unknown before running in the primary, said he has a good chance of

winning if he gets his message out.

Zee joked he would like to put Scott out of a job.

"I know he was in education before. I think he would make a good

professor at Pasadena City College after November," he said.


With wins in their party primaries, Bob New, Jack Scott and Paul Zee

will continue their campaigns for the state Senate to November. The final


DEMOCRATS: Jack Scott, 53,439 votes, 34%

Scott Wildman, 46,848, 30%


Paul Zee, 44,961, 28%

David Wallis, 9,048, 6%


Bob New, 3,490, 2%

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