Reel Critics

Marla Martin is a La Crescenta graphic designer and a belly dancer.

She is the mother of fellow reel critics Max and Tina Martin.

The casting was perfect! Those people really look and sound like their

cartoon selves. The costumes, sets and colors all evoke the original look

of "The Flintstones," with some stylish updating and a little Hollywood


Joan Collins, as Wilma's overdressed and overbearing evil mother, is

wonderfully venomous, and Harvey Korman as her dingy but sincere dad is a

comic treat.

There are some funny sly-wink gay jokes, and the alien Gazoo is a tad

light in his little silver loafers, all of which is harmless

wink-wink-nudge-nudge fun. I thought it was clever and creative. You'll

have a gay ol' time!

Max Martin is a fifth-grader at La Crescenta Elementary School.

I think that a lot of people should see this movie because it was very

exciting and fun to watch. I liked when Dino the dinosaur broke down the

tree and ran to Wilma's mother's party and ruined it all. A big dish of

really slimy stuff fell right on the mother's head!

It was also really funny when Fred and Barney dressed up as girls to

get away from the cops -- they had on eye makeup and glittery silver

costumes with spiky tails. They looked really silly. It was weird how the

appliances were alive. They were dinosaurs and an octopus!

Tina Martin is a ninth-grader at Crescenta Valley High School.

To me, the commercials for this movie weren't appealing. It looked

like another bad sequel, so I wasn't enthusiastic about seeing it. My

prejudgments, however, were wrong. I enjoyed this movie so much.

There were a lot of corny scenes, but what Flintstones movie would

work without goofy lines and an alien helping Fred and Barney score a

date? It was really cool how everything looked exactly like the cartoon

and the music had me tapping my foot in the theater.

A funny part was a guy saying he was systematically trying to kill off

the dinosaurs and that they would eventually be extinct. The prehistoric

cavemen only laughed at this notion. Yabadabadooo! see this movie!

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