Letter - Darlene Carr (Lamb)

I would like to write in response to the Indian mascot, I think if us

supporters were to join together we can make a difference. How about some

supportive letters?

Being a Burroughs graduate, I am very proud of the Burroughs Indians

name as well as mascot. I wore my uniforms and jackets proud to have the

Indian emblem. For those of us that have lived in Burbank all our lives,

attended Burbank schools and graduated from one of these high schools, we

have fond memories of our schools. We are proud.

I even think some of us that have been here in Burbank all our lives

are even prouder of our schools than other cities are of their schools.

We support them, send our children to them and even our grandchildren to

them -- some of our parents even went to them. Can you imagine talking to

an old friend, or even telling someone that asks you where you went to

school, that you went to John Burroughs but it's not John Burroughs any

longer? I feel like that would be taking away a part of my past.

As for me, I am proud to have been raised in Burbank and still here

today, to have attended the Burbank schools. We are very fortunate to

have schools like this. I am proud to be a John Burroughs Indian graduate

and was and still am proud of our very mature, strong-looking Indian


If you don't like the mascot, don't attend school at John Burroughs.

You do have another choice right across town!


John Burroughs Class of 1982

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