More board news

Maya Kukes

In other action Thursday, the Burbank Unified School District board of


* Learned that Providencia Elementary School's participation in the

state's Immediate Intervention/Underperforming Schools Program, which

provides additional funding for schools that perform below the fifth

decile on the Academic Performance Index, has yielded good results.

Caroline Brumm of Providencia reported that the school achieved a

short-term growth of 45 points, the third-highest API point gain in the


* Recognized the Burbank Sunrise Kiwanis Club.

Sue Boegh, director of career education and public information,

honored Kiwanis club president Johnny Johnson and club members Jack

Reardon, Dan Remy and Chuck Herron for donations of folders and

earthquake supplies to the district.

* Approved funding for several professional services, including staff

and student presentations.

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