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Touches every human emotion

Leslie Thurston of Burbank is an actress and substitute teacher.

It would be pointless to say anything critical about "John Q.," so, I

won't. Everyone should see this film and bring the hankies. However, you

won't need them as much as you think.

Surprisingly, there is humor throughout this film, especially from the

talented Eddie Griffin. Rest assured, Denzel Washington doesn't

disappoint, either.

Yet, it is the comedic element that gives the story emotional balance

and sense of reality. It definitely touched my every human emotion.

"John Q" is a much-needed reminder about problems with America's

health-care system.

Mushy acting

Michael Arvizu is a sound designer for the Glendale Community

College's Glendale Theatre Guild and a staff writer for the college

newspaper, El Vaquero.

All that this movie makes you feel is an overwhelming desire to get

out of the theater as soon as possible. In places where the film tries to

add some emotion, the audience giggles.

Denzel Washington's performance lacks energy, looking as though he

just woke up. In fact, the whole movie looks as if it just woke up.

"John Q." is a great story, but it is a story that is wasted on mushy

acting and a poor play on feelings.

"John Q" is rated PG-13.

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