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‘25th Hour’ makes even time stand still


Matt Bellner of Burbank is an actor.

What would you do if you had only 24 hours to live? That is the

main question of the film, “25th Hour.” If I were put in that


situation, I definitely would not see this movie again. That does not

mean “25th Hour” is a bad movie, it’s just boring and not very


The main problem is that we are supposed to feel sympathetic for


convicted drug dealer Monty Brogan, played by Edward Norton. Monty is

about to go to prison for seven years and has 24 hours to get his

life in order. He also contemplates running to avoid jail.

I do believe “25th Hour” should be seen by anyone considering a

career in drug dealing. Drug dealers drive hot cars, own cool clothes

and get VIP treatment at nightclubs.

If they get arrested, however, they lose everything. Monty loses

his beautiful girlfriend, his father, his friends and his freedom.


I give director Spike Lee credit for examining post-Sept. 11 New

York, but at times, it feels forced and adds little or nothing to the


In the end, I feel “25th Hour” is about two hours too long.

“25th Hour” is rated R for strong language and some violence.