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Election workers ready for action

Laura Sturza

Florence and Rudy Nos will be working the polls at McKinley

Elementary School on Tuesday, having served as election workers for

10 years.


“If people come screaming about something, I say ‘How did you vote

about it?’” Florence Nos said. “If they say ‘I didn’t vote,’ well

then I say ‘Why are you complaining? You have to put your voice in



Measure M on Tuesday’s ballot would abolish polling in favor of

mail-in ballots, making their jobs obsolete. If it passes and is

adopted by the City Council, Florence Nos said she will still be out

prodding people to vote.

Rudy Nos, 75, sees mail-in voting as “a technology that’s trying

to take over what we normally did as a civic function ... I get a

good feeling about having to go to the polls,” he said.

The couple has seen the political process in action. Florence Nos


was born in 1926, and has found support from Rep. Adam Schiff

(D-Burbank) in equalizing Social Security benefits for people born

between 1917 and 1926 who receive 10% less, she said.

Election workers are paid $55 and supervisors receive $75 to work

from 7 a.m. until ballots are tallied after the polls close at 7 p.m.

“I believe it’s my civic duty,” Rudy Nos said. “There’s money

involved, although it’s not commensurate to the hours [we work].”