Schiff named Democrat sophomore class president

Molly Shore

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) was unanimously elected to serve a

one-year term as president of the sophomore class of Democrats in the

U.S. House of Representatives.


The Congressman continues his leadership role, having served as

president of the freshman class in last year’s 107th Congress.

As the head of the sophomore class, Schiff’s responsibility will

be to act as the class liaison with the Democratic party leadership.


Schiff said he will continue to develop policy initiatives for the

class to pursue, as he did when he led the freshman class.

“Last year I was helpful in passing the bi-partisan

McCain-Feingold/Shays- Meehan Campaign Finance Reform Act,” Schiff

said. “This year, I’m looking forward to having our class meet with

several [Democratic] presidential candidates, and hope to encourage

the class to engage in one of the presidential campaigns of their



On the other side of the House aisle, Rep. David Dreier (R-La

Crescenta), was pleased with Schiff’s win.

“I’m really happy for Adam. I think he’s a great guy, thoughtful

and hard working, and dedicated to his district,” Dreier said. “I’m

very determined to help him to continue to maintain his important

status as a member of the minority party in Congress.”

Dreier, whose congressional district borders Schiff’s, said he

works closely with his Democratic colleague. Although the two men


differ on many things politically, Dreier said they strive to find

areas of agreement where they can work together in successful

bi-partisan partnership.

“I suspect he will be a co-sponsor on runaway [motion picture]

production legislation that Congressman Howard Berman (D-North

Hollywood) and I have introduced,” Dreier said.