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‘The Hunted’ misses the mark in reality

John Haugh of Glendale is a music researcher.

Movies like “The Hunted” don’t come along that often. That would

be a good thing.

This film actually achieves the feat of ripping off “Rambo” and


“The Fugitive,” yet it contains not one realistic scene.

The movie stars Tommy Lee Jones as a tracker who must hunt down a

renegade soldier whom he trained. Benicio Del Toro plays the

knife-wielding killer.


The film is just one, long, uninteresting chase scene after

another. The characters only stop running long enough to engage in

grisly knife fights. Jones’ character has an aversion to guns, which

keeps him from shooting Del Toro the first time he catches him and

mercifully ending the movie.

Director William Friedkin brings no life out of a script with more

holes than Swiss cheese. Del Toro sleepwalks through his role, while

Jones looks out of shape and a little like Kenny Rogers.


The movie earns its R rating with several gory scenes that are

uncomfortable to watch. The rest of the film is so bad, it’s actually

unintentionally funny.

On my movie report card, “The Hunted” gets an F.

“The Hunted” is rated R for strong bloody violence and language.

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