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New traffic signals are a good start...

New traffic signals are a good start

I like the idea of the new left-turn traffic signals. They’re

being installed at certain intersections in the city. According to

the Burbank traffic department, it will take weeks to iron out all


the glitches.

The close calls I’ve had with oncoming automobiles speeding though

a red light have been scary. Sgt. Pat Lynch of the Burbank Police

Department said that drivers who break right-of-way laws, which


include failing to yield to oncoming traffic, cause the most traffic

accidents in the state.

According to Burbank Traffic Engineer Ken Johnson, the traffic

signals will be synchronized and in working order by June. He also

said the nine new signals operate only when an automobile is in the

left-turn lane, minimizing delays if no one is turning left.

Not bad, for a million dollars.

Now if we can toughen up the smog control devices on pick-up


trucks and SUVs while increasing their gas mileage, promote people to

use car pooling more extensively, have more shuttle buses within the

city, sell more hybrid automobiles and perfect the fuel cell system,

we’ll have started a revolution.

Wesley Greene


Left-turn signals could be improved

There has been much discussion about our newly installed left-turn


signals. I, for one, am glad to see them at many intersections. In

general, they make turning left much safer and allow more cars to

turn at a time. If one of these new left-turn signals hasn’t been

installed at the intersection of Buena Vista Street and Riverside

Drive, one should be. Making a left to go north on Buena Vista Street

from Riverside Drive during peak traffic hours is death defying, at


As much as I think these left-turn signals make intersections

safer, I find it frustrating to wait through a red left-turn arrow

when there is no traffic.

How much more would it have cost to install a turn signal that,

instead of turning to a red arrow, would have turned solid green to

let additional cars through the intersection?

Dan Filice