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Sharon Cohen

Library Services Director

Among the items new Library Services Director Sharon Cohen has

discovered being used as bookmarks over the years: a $100 bill, love

letters and toilet paper. But a fried egg found in the pages of a


cookbook tops the list.

After 25 years in the Burbank library system that included stints

as branch supervisor and interim library services director, Cohen was

appointed to her new post last month by City Manager Mary Alvord.


“There’s nothing like being able to connect a person to the

information they want,” said Cohen, who will make between $7,450 to

$9,051 per month in her new position.

The Burbank resident is faced with the daunting task of meeting

the needs of a library system whose patronage has grown 60% since

2000 with an undersized staff that is likely to shrink with budget


Cohen makes every attempt to let the staff know that she


understands their challenges and appreciates their work by holding

monthly meetings, having pot-luck lunches, and talking individually

with employees.

“They work as a team, take pride in their job and feel that they

are making a difference in their community,” she said.

Alvord is pleased with the job Cohen’s done so far.

“Sharon came up through the ranks of the library and is very

trusted by the staff,” she said.