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Businesses deserve a Top 50 category I...

Businesses deserve

a Top 50 category

I enjoyed your special section on the Burbank Top 50, and I

applaud your choices, which were all well deserving. But you


overlooked a very important category, one that has been absolutely

critical in shaping our world -- the business community.

Think of Burbank without Ikea, Media City Center, the Empire

Center, the AMC movie theaters, and our wonderful restaurants and


shops. All add immeasurably to the fun and convenience of living here

(not to mention the sales-tax revenue they generate that pays for our

terrific city services). And what about the studios? Burbank is known

worldwide because of them.

Business leaders are a vital part of our community and should be

recognized and included.

Barbara Beckley

Producing Director


The Colony Theatre Company

Leader overlooked Stamper for Top 50

I just read the Leader’s Top 50, and I am very disappointed that

you did not include the Rev. Larry Stamper of the First United

Methodist Church. He has been there more than 30 years and had done

so much for the people of Burbank as well as the community. If you

publish an additional list of names, please include Stamper.

Imogene Tutterrow



Praise for the Supreme Court

I have but one thing to say regarding the Supreme Court’s refusal

to hear the city’s prayer case, which obviously shows their

commitment to upholding the basic principles upon which this country

was founded: Hallelujah!

Doug Whaley


Georgino’s leadership questioned by reader

This is in reference to the article on Carolyn Berlin’s

resignation from the Planning Board. Upon resigning, Berlin mentioned

that city staff, in the employ of Community Development Director Sue

Georgino, showed a disregard for input from, and lack of respect for,

the board.

I believe that the lack of regard and respect by Mrs. Georgino

goes well beyond the Planning Board and extends to the community as a

whole. The best example of this lack of respect is the Platt Project.

The project was turned down on a 5-0 vote by both the Planning Board

and the City Council. Yet under the direction of Georgino, city staff

recommended it.

The most telling aspect of the lack of respect by Mrs. Georgino

and her staff is the method used to move the Platt Project forward as

far as it went. At the May 12 Planning Board meeting, Berlin and

fellow board member Greg Jackson mentioned that had an abuse of the

planned development review process not taken place, the project could

never even have been considered.

In the instance of the Platt Project, the planned development

review process was used to minimize, or eliminate, the building line

setbacks, which should have been required via the Media District

specific plan. Had not the Community Development staff encouraged the

Platt Project by twisting the rules this project would never have

gotten off the ground.

Ultimately, the inappropriate attempt to twist the rules by Mrs.

Georgino for the Platt Development disrespected not only the Planning

Board and the community as a whole, but ultimately the developer as

well. By now, Mr. Platt and his fellow investors have undoubtedly put

several hundred thousand dollars into this project to no avail. I

seriously doubt that they would have sunk the amount of money they

have into this mess if someone in the Community Development

Department had not given them assurances that strings would be pulled

to twist the rules in their favor.

It is time for Mrs. Georgino to decide whether she wishes to obey

and enforce Burbank’s zoning ordinances or look for employment


Ron Vanderford