Acting, costumes sparkle in ‘Cinderella’

Mary Burkin

As comfortable, inviting and kid-friendly as your own living room --

maybe more so -- the Glendale Centre Theatre is staging another super

children’s show.


This “Cinderella” is an original version of the ageless classic,

written and directed with wit, enthusiasm and creative anachronisms

by Justin Eick, who also supplied the lyrics. He is loyally supported

by the expert choreography of Paul Reid and the rich costuming of


Debbie Gluck.

Whatever might be lacking by way of slickness and sophistication,

is more than made up for by a ton of goodwill and sincerity.

“Cinderella” will keep the most jaded adult entertained and

perfectly at ease. Fussy child in your lap, and it’s the middle of

Act Two? Please, don’t feel embarrassed about taking that walk up the

aisle. You have entered Family Land.

Cinderella (Hattie Eick, the real-life twin sister of the


director) and Prince Edward (Jim Felton) are appropriately sweet, and

very nice to look at.

Director Eick and Jason Weissbrod are charming and funny, as

Cinderella’s best friend Theodore the Dog, and Prince Edward’s

Jester, respectively. Cinderella’s selfish and bratty stepfamily

(played with panache by Meghan Jones, Melissa DeSantis and Shelby

Lindley) joyously earns every “Boo!” it gets.

And Zoe Bright is a knockout as Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother,


expertly handling a difficult and fast-paced patter song (“The

Hint”), while performing good deeds with confidence and sparkle.

Make you reservations now. This show might be labeled an

undiscovered gem, if it wasn’t for the fact that a legion of Girl

Scout leaders, grandmas, mommies, daddies and the birthday-party

crowds have a lot of the seats tied up.

Many of the little ones enjoyed wearing their own Cinderella

dresses and tiaras to this special event. Clearly, this is a girl’s

play. Yes, you can bring your soda into the theater. Yes, the support

staff in the lobby really is there to help you. And to top off your

day, have your camera and/or your program ready after the show for

autograph time with the unfailingly friendly cast.