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Go east, young man

Molly Shore

Learning comes easy for Providence High School valedictorian Michael

Kramer. But that didn’t stop him from spending extra time poring over

textbooks to achieve a cumulative grade-point average of 4.59.


“I kind of overloaded myself and took six Advanced Placement

classes this year,” said Kramer, who estimated that he spent about

four hours per night on homework during the past school year.

Kramer, 18, enjoys math, but his calculus class presented a real



“I was constantly with my calculus teacher in the mornings before

school, after school, and during vacation time,” he said.

Not surprisingly, Kramer’s math teacher, Robert Sides, called him

an outstanding student.

“He’s one of the strongest calculus students I’ve had in my five

years of teaching here,” Sides said.

Kramer doesn’t regret the amount of time he devoted to the


subject. Math is one of his favorite subjects, and he believes his

hard work paid off in the end.

This fall, the Acton resident will begin undergraduate work at New

York University with the help of a $5,000-a-year scholarship for four

years. When he graduates, additional scholarships await Kramer at

USC, where he will continue his graduate work.

Although he is undecided about a career, Kramer said he is hoping

to figure that out in college.


At Providence, Kramer was in the school’s health careers program

and interned at Verdugo Hills Hospital in La Canada Flintridge.

“It definitely introduced me to the workings of a hospital,” he

said. “I’m not quite sure if I want to be a medical doctor, but I’m

interested in maybe becoming a research biologist.”

After today’s commencement exercise -- during which he will

deliver the valedictory speech -- Kramer said he is ready to move on,

but is also experiencing some apprehension.

“I made a lot of great friends and had wonderful teachers [at

Providence], and I’m definitely going to miss them, but it’s time for

me to grow up,” he said. “I’m both excited and nervous.”