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Web site is all about Sanchez


Dan Mahoney doesn’t know Freddy Sanchez personally.

Mahoney didn’t go to school with the former Burbank High and

Boston Red Sox standout infielder, and lives 2,979 miles away from


where Sanchez grew up.

However, although he lives in Rhode Island, Mahoney became a big

Sanchez fan and has even started and maintained a Web site devoted to

Sanchez --


“It all started as a school project,” said Mahoney, who attends

small Bryant College in Smithfield, R.I. “I had a humanities class

and one of our projects was to create and maintain a Web site on a

subject that interested us.”

Mahoney, a self-professed “huge baseball fan,” said he spent time

thinking about what subject would make an interesting site, when he

got an idea.

“Some of my friends and I have been fans of Freddy Sanchez since


he started to come up through the Red Sox’s minor league teams,”

Mahoney said. “So I just got the idea that he would be a great person

to devote a Web site to, and that’s when I started it.”

For the record, Mahoney got a B-plus on the project.

Mahoney began the site in Feb. 2002, when Sanchez -- who was also

a star at Glendale Community College -- was still in the minor

leagues playing for the double-A Trenton Thunder. He has watched

Sanchez rocket through the Boston organization and has documented all


of the player’s moves and accomplishments.

“Freddy is just an awesome player,” Mahoney said. “My friends and

I knew when we first saw him play that he was going to make it to the

major leagues.

“What we like about him is that he seems to have a real love for

the game and he plays every game with everything he has. It’s been

great to see his success. He deserves it.”

Although Mahoney admits he has only met Sanchez briefly --

obtaining autographs from the player at minor league games -- he has

put in a great deal of time and effort into getting information about

the up-and-coming star.

With the site up and running the first few months, interested

Sanchez fans got a steady dose of information. However, one person

had no idea the site existed -- Sanchez.

“I had no idea there was a Web site about me,” Sanchez said. “It

is kind of weird to think someone would go to all that work to do

something like that.

“I guess it’s kind of cool, but I didn’t know anything about it.”


On the Internet site, Sanchez supporters can get up-to-date

information about the rookie’s second stint with the Boston Red Sox.

One of Sanchez’s biggest accomplishments was given a lot of play

on the site.

On June 14, Sanchez came close to setting a major league record.

In a game against the Houston Astros, Sanchez got the start at third

base and had 10 assists, one away from tying the all-time mark of 11.

Sanchez, a natural shortstop who didn’t even play third base in high

school, made some amazing plays, robbing Astros batters of base hits.

For his efforts, Sanchez was awarded with a chorus of “Freddy.

Freddy. Freddy.” from the hometown fans.

Along with Sanchez’s current statistics and accomplishments,

Mahoney’s site also has highlights and information about his minor

league career, his college years and other great tidbits.

There is also a Sanchez biography, lots of photos and a section

where fans can buy Sanchez collectibles like baseball cards and


“I think there is something for everyone who is a Freddy Sanchez

fan,” Mahoney said. “And I will keep adding things as they come.”

Since being called up to the Red Sox on May 30, Sanchez has seen

his share of playing time. Appearing in 12 games, he has a .250

batting average, five hits, two doubles and has scored three runs.

He has also shown his versatility as in infielder, playing games

at third base, second base and shortstop.

On Monday, Sanchez started at third base in a series-opening game

against the Detroit Tigers in Fenway Park. In a 3-1 victory against

the Tigers, Sanchez went one for three with a double.

If the Burbank native continues to thrive in the big leagues,

Mahoney is probably going to stay very busy keeping the growing

legion of Freddy Sanchez fans happy.

* JEFF TULLY is the sports editor of the Burbank Leader. He can be

reached at 843-8700, or by e-mail at